Evans Woodworking chapter 8

Grateful to be out of the hospital after a prolonged stay, Ethan slowly got out of Chris’s car. Moving slowly and walking with a weird gait, he ascended the steps and opened the door to his house. Entering the living room, the first thing he saw was a huge banner that said “Welcome home Ethan.” Looking around the room he saw all of his friends and a couple of his repeat customers, some crying tears of joy and relief that he was alive and on the mend.

Tears were flowing freely at this demonstration of love and friendship. Everybody carefully hugged Ethan, telling him how happy they were that he was still alive and in one piece as they left. Soon it was just him, Chris, Troy and Alicia.

As they settled in, Alicia began, “Ok, here’s what I know. Patrick is being charged with hit-and-run, attempted murder, multiple counts of rape, assault with a deadly weapon, and invasion of privacy. He’s also been charged with the intent to murder Chris.”

“Assault with a deadly weapon?” Ethan wanted to know.

“Yes; intentionally infecting someone with HIV is considered an assault with a deadly weapon since there is still no cure for it,” Alicia explained.

“Ok. So what happens next?”

“Sims has been arraigned on all counts. He will be going in front of the grand jury. I honestly can’t say how many of the charges will stick, except for the hit-and-run, and attempted murder of you, Ethan, and the intent to murder Chris. Since the confession of the hit-and-run, and the intent to murder Chris threat, both made in front of the chief enforcer and enforcer Jameson, he will be convicted on those charges.

Ethan was very glad to hear that information. He had always believed in the old-fashioned notion of karma; what goes around, comes around. “So when is the trial?”

“I don’t know yet. You and Chris will both be summoned as witnesses for the prosecution. There’s more.” She lowered her voice. “In order to provide evidence of the gangbang and him infecting you, the video has to come out.”

Ethan’s face turned as white as the proverbial ghost. “W-w-w-why?”

“It’s the only evidence. Rest assured though, when it’s time to view the video, the courtroom will be cleared of everyone except the judge, jury, Sims, his lawyer, you and your lawyer. Since we’ve already seen the video, we will also be allowed to remain. Because of the nature of the video, there will be a gag order on it. After the trial, technicians will take our phones and get rid of it. Do you want to see it before the trial?”

“Not really, but I guess I should.” Ethan said, reluctantly. Everyone gathered around him, hugging him as the video started. A few seconds into the video he begged them to stop. “I-I can’t watch any more of this,” He said before dissolving into hysterical crying. Eventually he settled down and fell asleep, exhausted. With Chris’s help, Troy helped their distraught brother up to his room, stripped him down to his boxers and put him to bed.

Downstairs, Chris turned furious eyes on Alicia. “I don’t want that cock-sucker to go to prison. I want him dead!

“I do too,” she told the very pissed-off Chris. “He won’t last long. Once the prisoners are finished raping him repeatedly, they’ll kill him. Most of them are serving multiple life sentences, so they have nothing to lose.”

Chris was mollified by that. “I hope they kill him slowly and painfully.”


Alicia decided that this would be a good time to give Ethan some good news. “A search warrant has already been executed on Sims’ apartment. All recording equipment and videos with you in it, and I understand there were several,” Ethan shuddered when he heard this, “have been confiscated and destroyed. Actually, all videos were destroyed in the chance that you were in them.

While Alicia was explaining to Ethan what was happening, Chris went upstairs and got his guitar, came back down and started playing softly. It always made Ethan feel better about whatever he was going through. It worked like a champ. Between Alicia’s explanation and Chris’s music, Ethan was able to relax.


“All rise,” the bailiff started the familiar speech, “His Honor, Judge Jeffrey Kramer presiding.”

“Please be seated,” the judge stated as he looked over the charges.  “Will the defendant please rise. Patrick Sims, you are charged with charged with hit-and-run, attempted murder, multiple counts of rape, assault with a deadly weapon, and the invasion of privacy of Mr. Ethan Evans, and the intent to murder Mr. Christopher Evans. How do you plead?”

In an arrogant and condescending voice, Sims replied, “Please. You know I’m not guilty. This trial is a fucking farce.”

Red faced, the judge pounded his gavel and rose. “Sims, you are hereby charged with gross contempt of court to this court. You are sentenced to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine. While you are in jail, you will write a letter of apology to this court. Take him away.” Sneering at the judge, Sims was lead out of the courtroom. “The trial will begin on Wednesday at 9am. Court is adjourned.”

As they left the courtroom, Ethan remarked, “I can’t believe what an asshole Patrick has become.”

“I don’t think it’s a case of ‘has become’, I think it’s more like he’s showing his true colors.” Troy responded. The ride home was made in silence, each immersed in their own thoughts. The silence continued as everyone went their separate ways.


“The courtroom will come to order. Will the defendant please rise. Patrick Sims, you have demonstrated contempt for this court and these proceedings. I warn you right now, any further displays of arrogance, condescension, or any other negative attitude and I will summarily rule in favor of the plaintiff. Is that understood?”

Sims just stood there not saying a word until his attorney poked him. “Yes, judge.”

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