Evans Woodworking chapter 2

In practically no time at all Ethan had the estimates ready. He called the client and gave them both estimates. When asked which option would be better, he responded, “The wood is in really good shape. It’s solid wood, not that veneer-covered pressboard crap. I really don’t think that a complete rebuild is necessary. All it really needs is sanding down and refinishing. I like to give my customers the option of restoration or a complete rebuild.

“Some pieces of furniture that have come through here needed to be rebuilt from scratch. This is not one of those cases. Okay. Restoration it is. It will take a couple of weeks, no more. The trickiest part is going to find a wood stain that matches the current stain. Use a different stain? Yeah I can do that. I tell you what. Why don’t you come by and take a look at the different stains I have here. If you don’t like any of them, I have samples of the other available stains. I only keep the most popular ones here. Okay, great. I’ll get started sanding it down right away. Bye, now.”

He turned to Patrick, who was staring at him, mouth agape. “Is that all you have to do to make it look like new? Sand it down and put new stain on it?”

“Well, yeah, plus putting a coat of varnish on it to protect the wood from water damage. I have to be very careful with the sanding, though. It would be easy to over-sand one spot which would make the surface uneasy.”

“Wow, I never thought it would be that easy.”

“Sometimes it’s not. In addition to redoing the finish, occasionally replacing the hardware is required. It can be a royal bitch to find matching hardware. If I can’t find hardware that matches the original, it devalues the piece.”

Patrick watched him with love and adoration in his eyes as he wandered around the shop gathering the sandpaper, sanding block and sander, hooking the latter up to the sawdust vacuum. As Ethan’s policy was to recycle everything he could, he sold the sawdust to a company that turned the sawdust into fuel for the transports. How, he didn’t know and didn’t want to know. He was just happy that it didn’t go to waste.

As Patrick removed the drawers from the desk, Ethan started sanding down the surface. Occasionally Ethan’s tongue would peek out of his mouth when he hit a particular rough spot that required him to bear down a little. Each time Ethan’s tongue peeked out Patrick wanted to suck on it. The more Ethan’s tongue came out, the hornier he got. It didn’t take long for him to pass the point of no return. He walked over to the workbench and pulled the plug on the sander.

Ethan looked up at him with anger in his eyes. “What in hell did you do that for? I could have gouged the wood where I was sanding?” he demanded.

Patrick looked at him, his eyes full of lust. Grabbing him and throwing him over his shoulder he carried him out of the shop, making sure to lock the door, into the house and up into Ethan’s bedroom.

Ethan was thrown on the bed and he looked up at Patrick. “Gee, I wonder what’s on your mind.” He smirked. His answer came in the form of Patrick ripping his clothes of. Patrick did a slow striptease causing Ethan to become aroused.

After lavishing a lot of attention to each nipple, he began to kiss down the center of Ethan’s torso, continuing down the treasure trail. He grabbed Ethan’s erection, drawing it deep into his throat as he bobbed up and down, eliciting several moans of pleasure from Ethan. Lubing up his fingers, he inserted 3 fingers, one at a time, massaging his prostate and loosening him up for the main event. This had Ethan thrashing wildly on the bed, totally incoherent

You know, I’m tired of fucking him wearing a goddamned rubber. He won’t let me fuck him unless I’m wearing one. I know. I’ll make him think I put one on. He’s so far gone he probably won’t notice the difference when I fuck him. He thought. Removing his fingers from Ethan’s ass, he tore open a condom and rolled it onto his thumb. He positioned his hard-on at Ethan’s entrance and slowly pushed in. God damn this feels so good. I gotta do this more often. He started thrusting slowly and deeply then increased his pace until he was slamming into Ethan over and over again.

Just as Patrick thought, Ethan didn’t realize he wasn’t wearing a condom; he was so lost in the pleasure he was feeling. He couldn’t stop the sounds of pleasure coming out of his mouth even if he wanted to. Patrick started stroking Ethan’s dick in rhythm with his thrusting, driving him delirious. Soon they were both shooting hard. After recovering, they both started to get dressed, Patrick leaving his underwear on the floor.

“I may love you, but you can damn well pick up your own dirty underwear” Ethan said, noticing the offending garment on the floor.

One month later Ethan met with his doctor for his yearly physical.

“Did you want a rapid HIV test?” the doctor asked.

“I’ve always been safe, but what the hell. It can’t hurt, right?”

“No, it can’t. Condoms do not provide 100% protection.” I’ll have someone from the lab come and draw your blood then I’ll return once I have the results of the tests. Just relax.”

In a few minutes the phlebotomist arrived to take blood samples. A half-hour later,  the doctor returned. “Well, Ethan,” the doctor began, “all of your tests came back normal, except for one.” He paused, not sure how to tell Ethan the rest. He decided just to go with it. “Your HIV test came back positive. I’m so sorry. You are HIV positive.”

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