Evans Woodworking chapter 3

At home, after recovering from the shocking news Ethan called Patrick and asked him to come over. As soon as he walked through the door, Ethan rounded on him. “Thanks to you, I’m now HIV positive. You are the first and only guy I’ve ever had sex with. I don’t know how, but only you could have infected me. You had to have known you were HIV positive.”

“Hey, what can I say? Yeah, I knew, but I wanted to fuck you without a rubber, so I did. I slipped you Rohypnol 'cause I knew you'd never agree to barebacking. No big deal.”

“No big deal? Is that all you can say? No big deal? Get the fuck out of my house. I don’t ever want to see your fucking face or hear from you again. I’ll get a restraining order if I need to. Get out now!”

"Oh, I'll leave, but first..." he got closer to Ethan and put his hand on his back, slowly moving it down towards his ass.

"Slide your hand any closer to that and they'll be calling you Lefty from now on!" Ethan snarled, stepping away from Patrick. "Leave now before I call the cops! You know I'll do it."

Scowling, Patrick turned and left, slamming the door behind him. The tight control Ethan was holding on his emotions waned, and he collapsed into the nearest chair bawling. After awhile he regained his composure and lay down on the couch. Exhaustion finally overtook him  and he succumbed to sleep. He woke up when he heard Chris come in.

Noticing that Ethan was laying down instead of working in the shop, he remarked, "Oh come you're not in the shop. You always are this time of day."

"It's been a long day, very hard...and not in a good way." Chris raised one eyebrow in question. "Sit down, Chris, we need to talk."

Oh-oh. This can't be good. I've never heard Ethan use that tone of voice, unless he was really upset about something. Sitting down, he notices the tears forming in Ethan's eyes.

"I had my annual physical today."

"How'd it go?"

"I'm in excellent heath, except for one thing. I've been infected with HIV. I'm HIV positive."

"What?" Chris whispered. "How? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. Patrick drugged me and fucked me without a condom. He came inside me. What's worse is that he knew he was HIV positive! He knew, and he did it anyway.What am I going to do now? It's too dangerous to keep on working with tools. I have to give up woodworking." As he spoke, Chris' face got redder and redder.

The explosive stream of curse words that came out of Chris' mouth shocked Ethan. He didn't know Chris could swear like that. "I'm going to catch that motherfucker! And when I do, I'm going to cut his fucking dick off, have a taxidermist over-stuff it and shove it up his fucking ass dry!"

Ethan recoiled from the anger that was emanating from Chris. He'd seen Chris worked up before, but he'd never seen him that mad before. "Chris, calm down. He'll get his. I seem to recall there's a law against intentionally infecting someone with HIV. Alicia would know."

"We need to call a family meeting. Alicia and Troy need to know, Ethan."

"I know. I'll call them. I also want to ask Alicia about that law." He replied with a deep sigh. "I'll see if they all want to come over for dinner tomorrow night."

Chris laid a compassionate hand on Ethan's shoulder. "You know I have your back, right?" Ethan just nodded, unable to talk with the lump in his throat.


As everyone gathered around the dinner table, they all noticed that Ethan was unusually subdued. Dinner was unusually quiet. After everybody had eaten, Ethan began what was one of the hardest thing he every had to say. "I'm sure you all have noticed that I'm not my usual self tonight. Well, there's a reason for that. A serious reason. I had my annual physical yesterday. I'm fine except for one thing." He drew in a deep breath and slowly let it out, looking his siblings in the eye. "I'm now HIV positive. Patrick intentionally infected me."

The room erupted in anger, everybody loudly proclaiming their opinion of Patrick and what form their retribution would take. Their baby brother was infected with an incurable, and sometimes deadly, disease. Ethan finally got everyone calmed down. the haunted look in his eyes made everyone tear up. "The doctor has given me medications that will control the HIV for awhile, but eventually I'll become resistant to them. It's kinda like I have a death sentence hanging over my head."

Everyone was startled when the telecommunicator beeped. Ethan was so upset over the situation he answered it without first checking to see who was calling.

“Ethan, baby, how about we get together in a few and have some fun?” Patrick’s face appeared on the screen which slowly zoomed out to reveal a very naked Patrick stroking his hard dick. There was no question as to his intent.

You fucking bastard. If I ever see you again I’ll kill you!” Ethan yelled, bringing everyone running.

“Ah, I see you have the whole family with you. Gee, what a shock.” He sneered. “I guess you told them the good news, huh.”

Alicia was the first to respond to the taunt. “I am legally informing you that you will be facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon.”

Patrick smirked. “Good luck proving it. I have proof that your precious baby brother is a slut and could have been infected by any one of a dozen guys. At least a dozen that I know of.”

Ethan’s face turned white as a sheet as he started trembling uncontrollably. So it wasn’t a dream. It really happened. But how? He wondered as what he had thought was a fream turned into a nightmare.

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