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The judge placed a memory card into his viewer and reviewed all of the facts regarding the case in front of him. Privately, the judge thought with all the improvements to the criminal justice system, the old-fashioned court system is still the most effective way to deal with criminals. “Will the prosecuting attorney please make her opening remarks?”

“Thank you, Your Honor. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, my client, Mr. Ethan Evans was the victim of a hit-and-run. He suffered a broken back, fractured pelvis, multiple trauma injuries and a hole cut into his skull. In addition we have irrefutable evidence that my client was raped multiple times and infected with the HIV virus by the defendant. I intend to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the defendant is guilty of all charges and specifications. I am confident that you will as well, dispensing justice for my client. Thank you.”

Objection! Irrelevant My client has already confessed to the hit-and-run.”

“Moves to motivation, Your Honor.”

“Overruled.” The judge declared. “Please proceed with your opening statement.”

“Thank you, Your Honor.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, my esteemed colleague believes and intends to prove the guilt of my client, Mr. Patrick Sims. I submit that these charges are false, brought about by a scorned lover. I intend to prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Thank you.”

“Mr. Cruz, please call your first witness.”

“Thank you, Your Honor. The Prosecution calls Dr. Samuel Giacomo.”

Sam took the stand and was sworn in using the ages-old traditional method.

“Dr. Giacomo.” The prosecutor began, “You were on duty when my client was brought in to the emergency room. Would you please explain to the court his condition and his injuries?”

Objection! Confidential information.”

“With the court’s permission, I can rectify that situation right now.”

“See that you do.” The judge ordered.

The prosecutor picked up a form from the table. “I have here a medical release form, all filled out. I will now have my client sign it.” Already informed that this was going to happen, Ethan took the form and signed it. The prosecutor took the form and gave it to the judge.
“All is in order. The witness may answer the question.” The judge said, handing the release to Sam.
Looking over the form, Sam shot Ethan a quick smile, then began his testimony. “When Mr. Evans was brought into the emergency room, he was in critical condition. His back was broken and his pelvis was fractured. He had multiple bruises and contusions. Also there was a quarter-sized hole in the back of his skull. He was very lucky to be alive.”

Objection! The witness is giving a personal opinion.”

“Sustained. The jury will disregard the witness’s last statement.”

Expecting this, the prosecutor switched to plan B. “Dr. Giacomo, how long have you been and emergency room physician?”

“20 years, the last 5 of which was as the Director of Emergency Services.”

“Your Honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I submit that Dr. Giacomo’s experience more than qualifies him to judge the condition of the patient and his chances of recovery.”

“Overruled. I am satisfied the witness does have the required skill to determine the condition of a patient and his chances of survival. Please continue.”

“Yes, Your Honor. Dr., how would you evaluate Mr. Evans’s condition now?”

“He’s doing remarkably well. He still has a ways to go.”

“And what would you attribute that to?

The doctor glanced at Ethan briefly before continuing, “We were able to get ti him quickly and we had an ample supply of his blood type on hand to replace the blood that he lost. That, and his young age and high level of physical fitness were instrumental in his recovery.”

“And is he recovered?” the prosecutor asked.

“Almost. He still needs extensive physical therapy.”

“If it pleases the court, Mr. Evans, can you please stand and walk to the rear of the courtroom and back?” Mr. Cruz asked.

Ethan slowly rose, and with an unsteady gait, walked to the rear of the courtroom and back.

Objection! This proves nothing.”

“Begging the court’s indulgence, I have a video taken a week before the accident, which I would like to submit into evidence.”

“Let’s see it.” The judge ordered. The video showed Ethan shirtless and in skimpy running shorts running through the local park.

“No further questions, Your Honor.”

“Mr. Worthington?”

“I have no questions for this witness, Your Honor.”

“The Prosecution calls Mr. Ethan Evans.” Ethan took the stand and was sworn in. “Mr. Evans, may I call you Ethan?”


“Ethan, let me first begin my stating how happy I am that you are recovering from the accident.”

“Thank you, Mr. Cruz.”

“You’re welcome. Let’s switch tracks. It is my understanding that 6 months ago you were at a party at the defendant’s apartment, where you were drugged and raped multiple times.”

“That is correct.”

Mr. Cruz held up a memory chip. “Your Honor, I have evidence here that will show my client being drugged and raped repeatedly by no less than a dozen men.” The response to his statement was varied. Hanging his head, Ethan closed his eyes. Chris, Troy and Alicia got angry; the spectators started mumbling amongst themselves His best friend, Jordan, sat there stunned with tears in his eyes.

The judge banged his gavel several times. “Order! Order in the courtroom!” It took a minute or so for the spectators, primarily Ethan’s friends and customers.

“Your Honor, given the nature of the video, I request that the courtroom be cleared.”

As the courtroom was clearing out, Ethan stood and addressed the judge, “Your Honor, I would like to request that my brothers, sister and best friend Jordan Mills be allowed to remain.”

“As you wish.” The judge said. The courtroom was cleared of all the spectators, the video was played. As the video played Ethan started shaking, ashamed of what everyone would be witnessing.

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