Evans Woodworking chapter 7

"One moment please." The enforcer picked up the telecommicator and informed the chief enforcer of Troy's presence. "The chief enforcer will be with you shortly. You can have a seat over there."

"Thank you." Troy took the indicated seat. A short time later the chief enforcer approached him with his hand outstretched. "Mister Evans? I'm Chief Enforcer Andrews. Thank you for coming in. Follow me, please." He was taken to a room with a large glass wall. Despite all the advanced in technology, the old-fashioned police lineup still worked.

The chief enforcer told the enforcer guarding the suspects to bring them in. "Please take as much time as you need to be absolutely sure."

Troy's face slowly turned red with anger. "I don't need time. It's number 6." He grit out through clenched teeth.

"Are you absolutely sure?"

"There's absolutely no doubt in my mind. He's the one from the video and the one who infected my brother." Through poor timing, Troy left the observation room at the same time as the men were brought out of the lineup room, where the fake suspects, actually enforcers themselves went on their way.

Unfortunately, Troy and Patrick came face-to-face. "Evans! You fucking bastard! I'm going to kill you just like I ran down and killed your brother!"

"Well, guess what, fuck-face. You screwed up. Ethan is very much alive!"

The chief enforcer spoke up. "Sims, you just confessed to the crime of hit-and-run, as well as threatening to murder Troy Evans." He told the enforcer to put Patrick in the holding cell to await arraignment. "I will need a statement from you regarding the confession and threat from the prisoner."

"With pleasure, Chief Enforcer." They left for the chief enforcer's office to fill out the paperwork.


"I have some good news, Eth. I identified Patrick in a lineup for the video, and when we met face-to-face in front of the Chief Enforcer, he confessed to hitting you and driving off. It was intentional, Eth, just like he intentionally infected you. That stupid numb-nuts also threatened to kill me, again right in front of the chief enforcer and the enforcer who was to take him to a holding cell. He'll be incarcerated for a long time. I can’t wait to tell Chris and Alicia this." He told a sleeping Ethan. Despite still coming out of the anesthesia, a lone tear escaped his eye.

"Did I hear you correctly?" Alicia asked, walking into the room with Chris. "Patrick's been arrested?"

"Yeah, you did. I went to the Law Enforcement office earlier and did the ID thing with Patrick about the video. I ran into him right after IDing him and not only did he confess to the hit and run, he threatened to kill me. The best part is he did it right in front of the Chief Enforcer and another enforcer!"

Chris patted him on the back while Alison hugged him. "Awesome! I wish I could be the one to prosecute him. I want to see that fucker go down!" Everyone stared at Alison in surprise. She had never before used the f-bomb in any way, but they both echoed her sentiments.

"It's too bad you couldn't. You'd fry his slimy ass!"

"I'm going to make sure I'm sitting in the front row with a shit-eating grin on my face throughout the trial," Chris said.

"Me too," Troy agreed.

"Me three, but with what went down at the Law Enforcement office in front of the Chief Enforcer, it's might not even make it to a trial. There's no way they can dispute or dismiss your testimony since the confession and the threat were made right in front of the Chief Enforcer. His testimony will be irrefutable, especially with the surveillance system records."

A low moan was heard and in a voice so low is was barely audible Ethan asked, "What trial? What testimony?"

Alicia, with a startled voice said, "Did I just hear..." She broke off as her hand, the hand she was holding one of Ethan's, was squeezed. Startled, she turned to look at Ethan. His eyes here half-open. "Ethan?" She asked hopefully.

Her hand was squeezed again. "Alicia? Where am I?"

Excitedly she said to her brothers, "Quick, someone get the nurse! He's awake! Ethan's awake!" In their excitement, both men ran from the room only to run back in a few seconds later with the nurse trailing in their wake. After a quick examination of Ethan to insure that he was, in fact awake, she pushed a couple of buttons on the display panel about the head of the bed which would summon Ethan's doctor.


Chris was relaxing at home from the emotionally-charged day when the phone rang. It was the chief prosecutor.

“Mister Evans, I would like to speak to you regarding the case against Patrick Sims. Is there any way we can talk with your brother?”

“He’s pretty much in and out of consciousness. They’re keeping him doped up until he heals more. His injuries were pretty extensive.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that. I need to ask him if he wants to accept sentencing without a trial due to his confession, or if he wants a full trial. I must tell you that if it goes to trial it will be in front of a grand jury. Everything will come out, including the video.”

“I definitely know what he’d want. He’d want a trial, just to watch that asshole – pardon my language – squirm and get what’s coming to him. As his oldest sibling, I would request one thing, and that’s that the video be only viewed by the judge, jury and the attorneys.”

“I can arrange that. I will contact you as soon as the arrangements are made.”

“Thank you. I’ll let everyone know.” He clicked off. Satisfied, he went into his room and pulled a box out of one of his drawers. He sat back in a chair and lit up a celebratory cigar.

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