Evans Woodworking chapter 18

Dennis, the nurse walked back out to the nurse’s station and called Doctor Benzik. “I’m unable to get any kind of response from Mr. Evans. Do you still want him put in a private room and the medical ward?” He paused to listen to the doctor’s instructions. “Yes, Doctor. I’ll take care of it.”

He turned to the other nurse on duty. “Carrie, you and I are to personally take Mr. Evans to the med ward. Doctor Benzik wants us to continue to try and get a response from him. Since we’ve been taking care of him from the beginning, Doctor Benzik feels that, even though he doesn’t respond, he knows our voices. He’s hoping that while we’re transporting him, we might be able to get some type of reaction.”

“Does he want us to stay with him? If so, I’ll have to get Margie to call in a couple more nurses to cover for us.”

“While I think us staying with him might help, he didn’t tell me we had to. He just wants us to transport him upstairs and turn him over to the nurses up there.” He glanced toward Ethan’s room and sighed. For some reason he really wanted to help Ethan. “Okay, let’s do this.” The two nurses got the IV’s and heart monitor situated and moved him up to his new room for an indeterminate stay.


While Troy and Chris stayed with Ethan, Alicia and Jordan went to the cafeteria.  “Alicia, I’m scared that Ethan might never come back to us.” The fear in Jordan’s voice was unmistakable.

Alicia rounded on him, her eyes flashing in anger. “Tell me that again and I’ll slap you. Ethan needs all the positive support we can give him. Why don’t you man up and find your balls? You’re his best friend and he needs you. We all do.” She ranted.

He hung his head briefly before looking up at Alicia, eyes moist. “I know, and I’m sorry. Like I said, I’m scared. I love Ethan like a brother. Shit. If I were gay I’d be all over him.”

She put her hand on his shoulder. “I know, Jordy. We’re all scared. We need to be there, not just for Ethan, but for each other.” She pulled him into a hug. “We’ll get him back.”

“God I hope you’re right. I really miss him.”

“Are you sure you’re straight? It sounds like you’re in love with him,” she teased.

“I am, but not in the way you think. I have absolutely no interest in dating or sleeping with him.”

“Okay, I’m done. Are you finished eating?”

Jordan looked at his barely touched sandwich. “I guess I’m not very hungry.”

“Finish your sandwich. We all need to stay healthy. Skipping meals isn’t going to help.”

Properly admonished, he slowly finished off his sandwich then got up to dispose of their trays. “Shall we head upstairs and spell Troy and Chris?”

Alicia nodded as they headed for the elevators. “Any change?” She asked, entering Ethan’s room. Chris shook his head. “We’ll stay with him while you two go get something to eat. We’ll call you immediately if there are any changes.”

Chris looked at Troy who simply shrugged. “Okay. We’ll be back soon.”

Shortly after Chris and Troy left, they were joined by Dennis and Carrie. “Any change?” Carrie asked. Jordan shook his head.

“I wish I knew what to do to help him,” Dennis said. “Any idea what caused him to withdraw like this?”

Alicia debated the pros and cons of telling them the story, but since the video was broadcasted over the telecommunicator network they probably saw it. “A few days ago, there was a gang-bang video that was sent out over the telecommunicator network.”

“I saw part of it. As soon as I realized what was going on I deleted it. What does that have to do with Ethan?”

“The guy who was being gang-banged or I should say gang-raped was drugged. If you looked closely at the beginning of the video, something was slipped into his drink. That something was rohypnol and the guy who was being gang-raped was Ethan. His boyfriend at the time set everything up. Ethan found out about the video and has been this way ever since.”

Both nurses were horrified. Neither of them could believe anyone could or would do something so heinous to another human being, let alone a boyfriend. They both looked at Ethan, the compassion nurses have long been known for, kicked into high gear. “I want to catch that fucker, cut his dick off and shove it up his ass sideways!” Dennis said between clenched teeth.

 “His ex has been incarcerated with counts of rape, possession of an illegal substance, assault and invasion of privacy, namely recording it. Since he was in prison we don’t know who put the video up, but it’s under investigation.”

“If there’s anything we can do to help you all, please don’t hesitate to ask.” He gave Alicia his contact information, as did Carrie. “We have to get back to the ER. We’ll stop in before we leave.”

“Thank you. Your support means a lot to all of us.”


Chris’s telecommunicator beeped. He looked down at the screen and saw that it was Troy calling him. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Any word?”

“There’s been no change. I would have called you if there were.”

“I know. It’s just that it’s been two weeks. I wish something would change. Anything.”

“I know, bro. I know.”

“Where’s everyone else?”

“Alicia’s at her office getting caught up on her cases and I’m willing to bet Jordan’s at the hospital. I don’t think he’s left Ethan’s side for more than a few minutes. If I didn’t know better I’d swear he’s in love with Ethan.”

“Seriously?” Troy asked in surprise.

“Yeah, even though I know he’s not.”

“Well, keep me posted.”

“Will do.”


“Come on, Ethan, wake up.” Suddenly Jordan felt his hand squeezed.

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