Evans Woodworking chapter 17

“That’s up to the psychiatrist. I’m sure he’ll stay there until he comes around.”

“Can we see him?”

The doctor thought about the hospital’s policy of only 2 visitors in the ER. After a few seconds, he decided it would be beneficial. “Of course; right this way.” He led Alicia, Chris, Troy and Jordan into the cubicle that held the catatonic Ethan. Dorothy bowed out, having an upcoming appointment.

It was difficult to see the normally happy-go-lucky active Ethan reduced to basically a shell of his normal self. "If I ever find that cocksucker Patrick, he's a dead man!" Jordan grit out through clenched teeth. Little did he realize that he would have to stand in line for that privilege.

Alicia approached the head of the bed. She bent down and whispered in his ear, "Ethan, it's me Alicia. I'm here for you. So is Chris, Troy and Jordan." She gripped his hand. "Please, come back to us. We love you and we miss you terribly." Tears flowed down her cheek as she spoke to him. It really broke her heart when she didn't get a response.

The three men each took turns talking to Ethan, each achieving the same result...no response from him. Reluctantly they decided to let it go for now, laying all their hopes for his recovery on the shoulders of the mental health professionals. Before leaving the hospital they pulled each other into a group hug. "What do you guys want to do now?" Jordan asked.

Chris responded,  "I dunno, what do you want to do?"

Troy, always the voice of reason in any situation spoke up, "we should get something to eat."

"Eat? EAT? How can you even think about food when our baby brother is lying in a hospital bed practically catatonic?" Alicia was livid.

Troy took both of her hands in his. "Alicia. Please listen to me. I totally understand how you feel. We all feel the same way, but consider this. Ethan's going to need us. We need to eat to keep strong for when he comes around. I don't want to leave him here either. We go to the cafeteria and get food. I'll ask them to either call us or page us if anything and we can drop everything and be back in the ER is a few minutes."

She sighed and conceded. "Okay. I guess I am a little hungry. It doesn't see right somehow." Tears started flowing slowly down her cheeks. Chris pulled her into a hug as Troy went to talk to the nurse about paging them if there was any change in Ethan's condition.

Walking back into the waiting room he saw Troy comforting Alicia. They always had a special rapport, being twins. He gently put his hand on her shoulder and spoke in a soft voice, "let's go eat. They'll page us if there's any change."

Troy separated from Alicia and, keeping his arm around her, led her out of the waiting room. "Coming Jordan?" Chris asked.

He slowly shook his head. "No. You need this time as a family. I'll go get something to eat when you guys come back."

Chris pulled him into a hug. "You are every bit a part of our family. We want you with us. You helped Ethan so much, especially when he was being bullied in high school. You were always there for him. He needs you to be there for him now. Besides, if I know Alicia, and I think I do, if I join them without you, she'll come drag your ass down there, kicking and screaming if necessary."

Jordan chuckled at the image of Alicia, who he towered over, since he was a little over six feet tall and she was five-foot nothing. "Okay. I'm not really hungry though."

"At least get a sandwich or a salad or something. They'll let us know if anything changes." Wrapping his arm around Jordan's waist, he led him out of the waiting room and down to the cafeteria, not caring what anyone thought of him with his arm around another man's waist.


"Ethan, I'm Doctor Benzik. I'd like to talk with you for a few minutes. Do you feel like talking?" No response. "Son, I'm here to help. I want to help you, but I can't if you don't talk to me. Can you tell me what you're feeling?" Again, no response. "Okay, Ethan. When you feel like talking, please have the nurse page me." He left the room and went in search of the attending physician.

"I couldn't get any kind of response from him. Judging from what you told me, I don't think its a case of he can't respond, he doesn't want to respond."

"Should we admit him to the psychiatric ward?"

"No. That would do more harm than good. He needs his family around. I would suggest that they be able to visit him anytime and not have to comply with visiting hours. They're our best hope to bringing him around."

"I agree." He turned to the nurse. "Carolyn, are any of Ethan Evans' family members here?"

"Yes. They're in the cafeteria getting something to eat."

"Okay. Let's get Mr. Evans admitted to a regular room and then call his family to let them know. Don't page them. They may think something's wrong and we don't want to worry them any more than they already are."

"Yes Doctor," Carolyn replied as she set about getting him admitted.

"Wait a minute." Doctor Benzik interrupted. "I suggest he be put in a private room. I think it would be better for him in the long run and having his family there at all hours of the day will disturb the other patient in the room."

"Good idea. Make it happen, Carolyn."

Phone calls were made and ready within an hour's time frame.

"Mr. Evans," the nurse said. No response. "Mr. Evans," He spoke a little more forcefully. Still no response. The  nurse sighed.

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