Evans Woodworking chapter 19

Jordan called the nurse and told her that Ethan had just squeezed his hand. Shortly the doctor arrived. The two of them tried unsuccessfully to get another response from Ethan. “Well, at least he knows you’re here. I’ll have the psychiatrist come in and check on him.”

“Thanks, Doctor.” Taking Ethan’s hand again, he whispered into his ear, “C’mon Ethan. Open your eyes. Come back to me. We love you and miss you.” He straightened when he heard a noise in the hallway and Alicia’s angry voice. “I’ll be right back.” He went to the door and found Alicia in a confrontation with Toby, Patrick’s brother.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” He spat.

“I’m here to give Ethan a get-well present from Patrick.”

“The fuck you are, Toby. What kind of fool do you take me for? Get out of here before I have the nurse call security.”

Toby rose up to his full six-foot height. “I’m giving him this package. Move or I’ll move you.”

“You and what army?”

“Me, myself and I.” Toby retorted. “I’m giving Ethan this gift whether you like it or not.”

Jordan snorted. He could take the scrawny, higher-than-a-kite Toby easily. “Like fucking hell you are. You know what I think? I think you’re up to something and I want to know what it is.”

“I ain’t up to nothin’”

“Riiiiight.” Jordan drew out the word. “Alicia, have the nurse call security. It’s time to take out the trash.” Toby was shortly removed from the hospital. “I think we need to get an order of protection against him.”

“I’ll take care of it. Shouldn’t be a problem given that he was identified as a participant in the gang-rape.” As they went back into the room they both noticed Ethan’s shaking.

Alicia rushed to the bed and took Ethan’s hand, “Ethan, it’s okay. Jordan and I are here. We’re not going to let that scuzball get anywhere near you. Jordan got him taken away and I’m going to swear out an order of protection against him. We’ll keep you safe.”

“Alicia?” Ethan whispered. Suddenly he bolted upright and pulled Alicia into a fierce embrace, his body wracked with huge sobs.

Jordan went and told the nurse that Ethan was responding then went back into the room to place his hand on Ethan’s back, rubbing circles on it. “I’m here too, Eth.” Ethan reached out and pulled Jordan into the hug, hanging onto the two of them as if they were a lifeline, which in a way, they were. Both the doctor and the psychiatrist came into the room and shooed them out.


As they seated themselves at a table in the cafeteria, Alicia said, “I never thought I’d be grateful to that fucktard.”

“Where in the hell did you get that expression from?” Jordan said, laughing. “Don’t tell me, let me guess. Ethan.”

She nodded. “How ironic, isn’t it? The brother of the person who put Ethan in the state he’s in would be the person to bring him out of it?”

“I know, right?”

Alicia took out her telecommunicator and called Chris. “Hey, great news. Ethan’s come out of it.” She had to hold the telecommunicator away from her ear as Chris shouted his joy. “Yeah, the doctor and the psychiatrist are with him now. You wouldn’t believe what happened. Jordy and I got into a confrontation just outside the door with Toby.

“Yeah, I know. Who would have thought it? Anyway, security took him away and we were able to get Ethan somewhat calmed down. He was hysterical. Okay, we’re in the cafeteria about to head back up. Yeah I’ll tell him. Later!” She disconnected and called Troy, giving him the same information then headed back up to Ethan’s room with Jordan.

“Hey, how are you doing, baby brother?”

“I don’t know. What happened to me? All I can remember is sitting in the chair in the living room.”

“You were like that for quite a while. You didn’t sleep, shower, shave or eat. You didn’t even go into the shop?” Ethan raised his eyebrows. “We had found out that the video had been uploaded to the telecommunicator network. We got it taken down as soon as we found out. Unfortunately there was no way to find out who uploaded it.” She debated about telling him the rest. Well, he has a right to know.

“Unfortunately, there’s no way to find out how long it was on the telecommunicator network, how far it spread and how many people have seen it.” Practically everyone we know as seen it and they’ve called and expressed their support and love. A number of your regular customers wanted to know if they can come see you. What has the doctor said about visitation?”

“Nothing, so I’m guessing since I’m not in the psych ward that it goes by the hospital visitors policy. I’ll have to ask.”

So what did the doctors say about what’s going on with you?”

“They want to keep me here for a couple of days to make sure I’m physically okay. The psychiatrist wants to see me every week to talk about what happened.”

“And how do you feel about that?” Chris asked walking through the door with Troy close on his heels. They took turns hugging Ethan as they waited for his answer.

He shrugged. “I kinda I understand them keeping me here for a few more days. I’m not sure about the shrink though. He wants to talk about the video and what happened, and I’m not sure I can.” He replied using the archaic slang term for psychiatrists and psychologists.

“Shrink?” Jordan asked.

“Let’s see, let me guess,” Chris interjected. “One of your archaic sayings, right?” Ethan nodded. “Where do you keep coming up with them?”

“When I research a piece of furniture to find the original specifications I stumble across most of them.”

The psychiatrist came in and shooed everyone out.

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