Evans Woodworking chapter 22

 “Oh shit. Jordan. Wait!” Alicia raced to the elevators but she was too late. Troy caught up to her just as the doors opened again.

“Alicia, wait!” Troy called out as the elevator doors were closing again.

Jordan chased after Toby, catching up to him in the parking lot just before he jumped into his car. “You mother-fucking cock-sucking sonofabitch!” Jordan yelled as he began to pummel Toby’s face. “I’m going to tear you apart piece-by-piece. You won’t have to worry about getting arrested for trying to kill my best friend. There won’t be anything left of you to arrest by the time I’m through with you”! He screamed, adding a couple of kicks to the ribs of the prone man.

Jordan stop! Jordan! You can’t be there for Ethan if you’re in jail! STOP!” Alicia cried, trying to pull a very pissed-off Jordan from Toby. She wasn’t quite strong enough to pry Jordan’s hands from around Toby’s neck. Troy arrived and together they were able to pull Jordan away from Toby.

The look in his eyes startled both Alicia and Troy. Troy held tightly to the squirming, swearing Jordan. Alicia tried to talk him down, but he just got madder and madder, being denied the revenge he sought after for his best friend. Finally Alicia slapped him across the face. “Jordan! This isn’t helping Ethan. You can’t be there for him if you get incarcerated!” Her words had the desired effect on him as the anger visibly drained from his body.

“Believe me, I want to do the same thing,” She said as she added another kick to the ribs, “but we have to think of Ethan. He’s going to be fine. We need to go back in and have your hands looked at then go back to Ethan’s room. I’m sure he’s wondering where we all are.” As if in a daze, Jordan allowed Alicia to lead him back into the hospital to get his hands checked out.

Troy decided that Jordan had the right idea as he wrapped his fingers around Toby’s throat. Bending down to speak directly into his ear, he said, “What was just done to you will look like a simple sparring compared to what will happen to you if you or any of those sorry sacks of shit you call friends ever come anywhere near any of us, and that includes Jordan! This I promise you.” Troy let go and added yet another kick to Toby’s ribs, walked away from the broken and bleeding mess of a man.


Back in the sleeping Ethan’s room, once the adrenaline starting wearing off Alicia started shaking. “Guys,” Alicia began, addressing Troy and Jordan, “you realize we’re all in deep shit. Jordan, you can be arrested and charged with assault and battery, and attempted murder. We all could.”

“I don’t care. I want that bastard dead for what he did to Ethan,” his anger still very much evident in his voice.

“Please don’t leave me,” Ethan implored, his voice shaking. Everyone immediately surrounded him.

Taking one of Ethan’s hands in his, Jordan looked directly into Ethan’s eyes, “I have been, and always shall be your friend.” Jordan quoted from an ancient video. Ethan chuckled. “See, you’re not the only one who can quote ancient video expressions.” That brought a much-needed laugh to everyone.


About an hour later everyone returned to their individual homes to get some much-needed rest and get caught up on telecommunicator calls, emails and such. A few minutes after he got back to his apartment, there was a knock on the door. Answering it, an enforcer’s badge and ID were shoved in his face. “Jordan Mills?” Jordan nodded.

“Jordan Mills, you are under arrest for the assault and battery for one Toby Sims. Come with us, please.”


“Hi, Ethan,” Alicia said softly. “How are you feeling?”

“Okay, just a little weak.”

“Your doctor told us that would happen and that it will pass in time and you’ll be back to your old self.”

“I hope so. It bugs the shit out of me that I have to use a bedpan and a urinal because I can’t get up and walk to the bathroom, and the sponge baths are just plain embarrassing.”

Alicia snickered at the image that popped into her head. “Is the male nurse giving you the sponge bath cute at least?”

Ethan snorted, “She is younger than God but older than dirt. Where is everyone?”

“Chris is home letting everyone know that you’ll be here for another week or so. Troy is taking care of some things at his office. I have no idea where Jordan is.” They chatted for about an hour when her telecommunicator beeped. It was Chris calling. As she listened to what he said, she fell into a chair, her face turning pale. “Say that again? Are you sure? Okay. I’ll make some calls and see what I can do from here.” She disconnected the call.

“Alicia? What’s going on?”

“Last night Jordan was arrested for assault and battery. He beat the shit out of Toby when we found out you could have died.”

Ethan’s mouth dropped open and his face turned red with anger. Angry that he was not told of this, he said in a tightly-controlled voice, “When were you going to tell me that?”

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