Evans Woodworking chapter 33

I apologize for taking so long between chapters. I've been very busy with edits to The Long Road, which will be released in February.

Please enjoy chapter 33

 In a shaky voice, Ethan responded, “But I’m not sure I can. What if I hurt you?”

“Relax, baby. It’ll be good. Just do to me what you like guys to do to you. Believe me, it’ll be awesome.” Ryan got up and went into the bathroom. A few seconds later he returned with a bottle of hand lotion. Climbing back onto the bed he told Ethan to roll over onto his stomach.

Confused, Ethan said, “I thought you wanted me inside you? If you’ve changed your mind, that’s fine. I love having you inside me.”

“I do. I just want to help you relax a little first. You’re really tense.” Putting actions to his words, he straddled Ethan’s hips, squirting some lotion into his hands. Rubbing his hands together to warm the lotion he proceeded to give Ethan a back massage, kneading the knots in his various muscles, forcing them to relax.

“Mmmm that feels so good. I’ll give you a thousand years to stop.” Ryan continued his massage until he completely covered that back of Ethan’s body before having him roll over. Straddling his hips once again, Ryan made sure that Ethan’s stiff dick was nestled between his ass cheeks, the tip up against his entrance, which elicited another moan. Finishing his massage Ryan moved up Ethan’s body and proceeded to kiss is way back down, starting with the spot just below Ethan’s ear.

He drove Ethan wild as he nibbled on first one hard nub then the other moving back and forth between them a few times before finally moving south to the belly button, lavishing it with swipes of his tongue and nibbles. After thoroughly running his tongue through the grooves of Ethan’s abs, he followed his treasure trail down to his balls where he gave them his utmost attention as Ethan’s dick bobbed up and down in time to the beating of his heart. Ethan’s moaning and groaning started to become louder and faster.

Spurred on by Ethan’s reaction, he drew him into his mouth, sucking gently, drawing him deep into his throat, his nose buried in Ethan’s public hairs. Ethan’s eyes grew wide at the sensations as nobody had ever done that to him before. He scrunched his eyes shut, threw his head back and arched his back, completely consumed by the sensations assaulting him.

As Ethan’s hips began to move, Ryan started stretching himself. Showtime! He spread lube along Ethan’s throbbing erection and his entrance, then slowly lowered himself down onto Ethan’s dick, taking him deep inside, watching the myriad of expressions crossing Ethan’s face.

“Omigod! I’ve never felt anything like this; so warm; so tight. It feels like soft velvet.”

You haven’t felt anything yet Ryan slowly moved up and down causing Ethan to moan softly. Every time he bottomed out he squeezed his internal muscles making Ethan moan even louder as he fisted the sheets.

“I’m getting close,” Ethan warned. Ryan jumped up off Ethan’s dick and squeezed the base to stave off his orgasm.

“Not yet you’re not.” After a couple of minutes he raised Ethan’s dick and plunged down on him in one thrust. Despite his efforts to stave off his orgasm, the plunge sent him over the edge. Feeling Ethan’s cum flowing into him gave him the most intense hands-free orgasm he ever experienced.

Yelling out his name, Ethan shot rope after rope after rope of hot daddy’s milk deep into Ryan’s body. Ryan pulled off immediately, rolled over and clenched his back door closed as tightly as he could to prevent any of Ethan’s most intimate essence from leaking out until his body absorbed it aall.

“That was… the… most… intense orgasm… I… ever had.” Ethan managed to get out.

“That’s just the beginning. We will definitely be doing that again and again.”

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